Real Estate Staging Residential or Commercial Development

“Buyers make up their minds about a property in seconds. Collaborating with us ensures that their first impression is your best impression.”

~ Professional Real Estate Quarterly, 2014

Real Estate staging is the professional art of perfectly preparing a property for the ideal market environment and potential buyer. Proper professional staging attracts the ideal target buyer, can increase sales traffic, buyer interest and result in increased sale price.

People fall in love with a home by visualizing themselves in the space. Our professional stylers and stagers accomplish this by minimizing the personalization in your home, curating your possessions, and arranging furniture and décor to showcase the space to best advantage.

As with all our services, we stage uniquely for the type of space, property price point, your marketing budget and target sales market. If you prefer, we work closely with your real estate professional or commercial sales team to plan marketing and staging to target the prevailing real estate market, identify and attract the targeted buyer and accommodate photography, open houses, and showings.

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