Have Less. Live More Life.

Getting rid of stuff is hard. Moving or downsizing, with a hard deadline and the reality of new space limitations, makes it even harder. Consider how clutter creates and exacerbates stress. The money, time, effort, and emotional energy spent managing stuff is often overwhelming; it can stop you from enjoying actual Life Experiences! Here are tips to get you past the emotional pain of getting rid of stuff so you can enjoy a less encumbered life.


Develop a Habit. Decluttering. Curating. Organizing.

Whatever you call it, keeping stuff manageable ONLY works as an ongoing habit. Regular purging keeps your total quantity of stuff manageable so you won’t need to panic purge when the time comes to move or downsize.

Accept Reality

Know your space floor-plan. Working within that limitation, plan your space based on what functions best and the things necessary for supporting your life activities. Your stuff expands over time and life changes, gradually making it more difficult to live comfortably within your space. Accept that while your life changes, your space usually doesn’t. Whenever your life situation , or goals change,
Enjoy opportunity. Change is an opportunity to improve. The anticipation is often worse than the process of decluttering or downsizing.

Another Benefit of Regular Purging

Another benefit to regular purging is that you stop giving your “stuff” importance, so it is easier and less painful to let it go. Starting over in your space is an opportunity to try out a totally different look, work with new colors or highlight certain features. Be realistic about the boundaries of your space and stop wasting time and energy on things and beliefs that won’t fit.

Take your time

Thoughtfully paring down takes time. Rushing causes stress and avoidance. Again, the practice of regular purging, combined with spending more of your life in experiencing life and less on acquiring and organizing, will lead you to be a more thoughtful consumer.

Give with a Joyful Heart

Most people feel bad getting rid of things – even things they no longer need, use or like! It helps to re-home your stuff – donating, gifting, responsibly recycling or selling inexpensively – with a joyful heart. Your stuff may not work for your life goals or space but sending it out into the universe to enhance or inspire someone else is satisfying and generous.

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