A Week of Easy, Fab Fixes For Your Home

Give your home some love without a big reno or big bucks! Check out these mini and midi makeovers – presented 1 each day for a week – to give you inspiration – we did in the 2+ years since Covid changed everything!

Day 1

Create a quiet nook with a few buys and stuff you already own. We took a neglected corner from meh to marvelous, creating a spot for relaxing or work. Use a fluffy dog bed as a window cushion, add pillows and a throw then up the comfort and functionality with a table and a reading lamp. Congrats! You created the MOST coveted seat in the house!


Day 2

Show yourself some LOVE! Use a favorite color everywhere in one space. A single color in varying shades on walls, furniture, drapes, and décor is very impactful & proclaims a room as your own. Coordinate with natural objects and neutral woods & metals to amp up the color focus. In this example, we coordinated EVERYTHING & shopped the house for favored objects to create a one-of-a-kind jewel box room!


Day 3

Camouflage attention-hog features & problem areas with ONE GREAT PATTERN!
That’s right! Finesse that room ‘till it is FABULOUS! The client bathroom shown had ALL the issues: unsightly bump out; Inconvenient built-ins; Funky angled nooks; Sloped ceilings on BOTH sides of the room. Bummer? Nope. OPPORTUNITY! Yes.

We “erased” these structural “non-negotiables” & created a truly unique, designer look with one amazing wallpaper to even out and unify the space. Wallpaper of any kind – removable peel and stick, pre-pasted and call-a-pro-pasted – triple the impact of a room. And it can be a temporary or long-term fix – so renters and the design fickle can join in too!


Day 4

Hide flaws, add softness & BIG impact with drapery. This fix works for all sins: old paint, flawed walls, uneven windows, undesired views, even low ceilings. Voluminous fabric is a GREAT equalizer.

In our example, we used full draperies, hung close to the ceiling, to “raise” the ceiling, hide a recessed closet door opening, and even-up wonky window placement. Voila!

PS. Using a traverse rod lets you keep the drapes movable. PSS. Hanging drapes close to the ceiling RAISES the look & feel of the ceiling.
PSSS. Voluminous drapes make a room FEEL bigger. It is true. Trust me, I am a professional!


Day 5

Are you feeling invigorated & inspired yet?

Here’s another great idea for camouflaging flaws and elevating style. Wainscoting & decorative panels in solid wood, composite or vinyl can minimize or negate uneven, damaged walls or simply add quick, inexpensive vintage cred to an otherwise utilitarian space.

Whether you call a pro or DIY, the look of architectural paneling adds a rich, designer feel to a room. Our example shows the transformative effect on seen-better-days plaster walls in a 19th century foyer. Simple, shaker wall panels, sweeping from front door, up the stairs & down the upper hallway, covered in a coat of warm white, scrubbable paint, not only hides a multitude of sins, but elevates the richness and style of the space!

PS. Add horizontally cut panels & quarter round molding to stair risers, paint with the same scrubbable paint, to boost the vintage feel while cutting down on maintenance!

PSS. Tack down or use stair rods to secure a low profile, synthetic carpet runner to the stairs for easy care & high style.

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Day 6

We use cabinet, drapery, window & door hardware to embellish a space. It is maximum creativity for minimal money and like adding a necklace or brooch to your outfit; a personal stamp that can make something simple or everyday SPECIAL. Hardware etc. can go way beyond utilitarian. And finding hardware in every size and description is easy – and, if you are creative, it can be quite inexpensive.

Shop vintage or resale shops, home décor and big box stores, or order online at retailers like Etsy or (ssshhhhhh!) Amazon to create a personalized look for your room.

In our example, rose quartz and gilt cabinet pulls (I purchased and saved for years until just the right project came along), push the style over the top, in this simple, no-frills bathroom renovation. These, along with a set of vintage mother of pearl buckles we used to create and operate a simple fabric shade, give this room a level of custom design most people never experience. Awww!
Poor them!

PS. All manner of ribbon, braid, passementerie, embroidered elements, buttons, etc. can be added to personalize and elevate otherwise simple décor staples.


Day 7

This mini makeover idea costs you nothing but time and creativity! Take your treasures out of mothballs or gather groups of related items together to inject personality, color, and joy into your space.
Your items do not have to be numerous or expensive, either. Bits of lace, textiles or small clothing items look lovely tacked onto fabric or mat board and framed with or without glass. Trays are a fantastic way to corral and highlight small items. Shadow boxes (hung or set on a table) are a versatile way to display AND protect collections of small pretty items. As few as three related items displayed together make a collection. Pin your brooches to a pretty pillow; hang earrings on mesh or screening in a new or vintage frame; gather shells, stones, or minerals together to elevate both the items and your space. Enjoy your stuff! DON’T save them for special occasions or to pass on to others! Your environment should be special every day. And no one will love and enjoy your treasures as much as YOU will!

In our first example, we convinced a client to reprieve her collection of vintage plates, mounted them on plate hangers and hung them where she and others could enjoy them every day. GENIUS design move!

In example two, mineral specimens and coordinating ceramic pieces combine in a stunning display.

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